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Financial Literacy

Credit Union and Co-operative Info

Getting Started with Online Banking - Nothing beats the convenience of doing all of your banking at midnight, in your pajamas, and for a generation that has grown up Facebooking, Skyping, and living a Second Life,...... read more

Credit Union 101 - ...... read more

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Saving Your Money

How To Save Without Feeling The Pinch - ...... read more

Quick Math Tricks = Financial Wizardry - Russell $20 Rule: Estimating Your Retirement Backpack Every $20 you have at retirement will generate one dollar of income for 30 years (i.e. retire at 60, age expectancy of...... read more

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Spending Your Money

Some Media Bits to Ponder - Tips for job seekers -Present to employers what they are looking for today. -Understand the job and industry you are targeting. -Show enthusiasm for the job. -Network...... read more

Using Your Debit Card - Protect Your Pin, Protect Your Money - 1. Use your hand or body to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions at an ABM/ATM or at the point-of-sale. 2. Never let your banking card out of your sight when...... read more

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The Loan Ranger

100 Mile Mortgage - ...... read more

Credit Union 101 The Trilogy - Episode I - What is Credit? 'In a galaxy far, far away evolved a dangerous but manageable ruler called DARTH CREDIT. CREDIT was, and still is, a privilege and not a right....... read more

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Your Credit Rep

Credit Card Survival Tactics - Love 'em or hate 'em, most of us can't live without credit cards. Those shiny plastic rectangles represent financial freedom and convenience in an age of consumerism and instant...... read more

Are You At Risk For Identity Theft - ...... read more

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